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GDPR does not need to be a 4 Letter word

GDPR represents a level of trust with your customers and this can only be a good thing. Taking personal information and data protection seriously is long overdue. GDPR is here and its job is to protect companies and their customers. Also help build long-term relationships based on mutual respect. Now that does not sound like a bad thing for all concerned. However what does it actually mean and when does it apply?


Backups With Veeam Cloud Connect

It is well understood that the backup strategy is the single most important part of business resilience, after the creation of the data itself. It is taken as standard practice to safeguard data using various methods depending on the data and rate of change. All these things should be considered as part of a Backup and Disaster Recovery (DR) strategy. Successful backup strategies usually utilise the Grandfather, Father, Son methods for data retention.

Monitoring, Trending and Capacity planning

With challenging times being experienced at the World Cup and the provisions for its second most likely in demand commodity, Beer. It shows how capacity planning, trending and monitoring can be a huge differentiator when it comes to service delivery. When the success of a World Cup for the host nation is being determined by the tourism trade this is going to be a major concern. Loss of income to the country due to bad management of demand and monitoring of its reserves could have major consequences.