With challenging times being experienced at the World Cup and the provisions for its second most likely in demand commodity, Beer. It shows how capacity planning, trending and monitoring can be a huge differentiator when it comes to service delivery. When the success of a World Cup for the host nation is being determined by the tourism trade this is going to be a major concern. Loss of income to the country due to bad management of demand and monitoring of its reserves could have major consequences. This is an issue that can befall all commercially driven entities if not tackled correctly.

Most businesses will have a monitoring solution of sorts. This could be a simple email sent if a backup fails or a server does not respond. This does not solve the issues that has been seen in Moscow. There still is a service for some locations however very limited supply. Simular to a device having only 5% free space left. These items need to be tracked and also trend analysed to perform a suitable service.

With a structured and proactive approach to service delivery through monitoring, trending and capacity planning this can be achieved. These functions assist with service uptime and preventative maintenance activities. A correctly benchmarked system will provide a service that will be ahead of the curve and reduce impact when trends drastically increase outside of normal limits. These events can bring a business to a standstill if not properly considered. However with the correct triggers and trigger methods these can be caught and dealt with before any issue can occur.

So how can these issues be prevented as a service?

    Structured alerting – Warning / Critical / Emergency
    Automated prevention methods
    Growth rate analysis through CPU, Disk and Memory usages (Physical and Virtual)
    Replication and backup reviews
    Network traffic activity
    Bandwidth utilisation
    Managing hot periods

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